How to combine / group several designs
1	Print the designs with your digitizing or customizing  program. Be sure to print it in actual size.
	If you would like to use the designs mirrored or rotated, mirror or rotate them with your 
	program first and save them with a new filename.
2	Nearly all programs mark the center of the design at the printout. Make a cross horizontal
	and vertical (crossing at the center of the design). Do that with all designs you plan
	to combine.
3	With the help of scissors and a gluestick make a collage/combination of
	the designs.  Your arrangement or design may vary from the one we used in the
	example, but the pieces should fit together similarly.  Be sure that the horizontal and vertical 
	lines crossing at the center are parallel (in the same direction)
4	Make small holes (with a pin or needle) at the center Point (M) of each design. 

5        Mark a line longer than your design (the template) along the straight                   grain   and    in the desired position on your fabric.Position the template on your   fabric or garment where you want to stitch the design. Use the line you                  marked   before to make sure that the template is positioned along the             straight grain.Then mark the Center Points , using the holes you made in the             template earlier. Used bars of soap on dark fabrics do a good job.

6        Adhere the fabric
Start your sewing machine, choose the design section you will be stitching first. The machine will automatically    go to the center of the design. Now adhere the fabric to the sticky stabilizer so that the Center Point of the first  design  is exactly under the needle where your machine centers to begin stitching.
   (Hoop your stabilizer, then choose your design, needle automaticly finds the center, and then  you          adhere the fabric)

7    Stitching the remaining designs
Stich the first  of your selected design. Now repeat  Step 4 for the remaining designs.   Be sure that you           positioned your fabric along the straight grain.

8     Be proud about your own combination of designs