Vests designed by Lee Anne Knowles

Vest featuring faux chenille spacing wide apart, using the large parrot designs. Embroidery was done on a commercial Brother BES1210.

Monika Koell's Christmas decoration

Aline C. Keller did it again
Her new creation: A vest with Christmas designs


Monika Koell, Oetztal - Austria, decorated her eating place with designs (free/sale) from K.o. Design

 Winter Wonderland
made with Free Designs from K.o. Design

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1st Prize

Aline C. Keller won the first prize in class for her vest at the MEEC in Las Vegas. She used the "Roses" and combined them to a real artwork. Look at the pictures to get the whole charme. Aline found inspiration at her rosegarden (her husband's passion). Congratulations!

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